Teapot, handmade ceramic


Genuine Hand Crafted Original Ceramic Tea Pot Made Locally

Genuine Australian Art and Craft made in the traditional craft style, designed and produced locally by the artist craftsman. The teapot is signed by the maker, Peter. Each is a unique product. The studio-workshop location is Adelaide, South Australia.

Made to the best standards using quality materials, this is a midfire ceramic Teapot. The pot is glazed with the potters own midfire ceramic glaze fired to approx. 1150 C, 2100 F, and is suitable for use in the home. Capacity for a Large Teapot is approx. 1000ml or 4-5 cups, Medium Teapot is 750ml, 3-4 cups, and Small Teapot is 500ml, 2-3 cups. (1 cup = 200-250ml). This is the standard fluid measurement, but is more like the size of a mug than a teacup.

Each pot is intended to be a functional and creative object reflecting the hand of the maker. Some have unique features, such as hand modelling and shaping to the body, handle or spout. The cane handles are made by me.
Please check the photo.

A sturdy teapot made to give a good brew and to keep the tea hot longer.

This is a wonderful opportunity to acquire pottery which is otherwise not available. A valuable treasure of Australian art and craft.

You may be;

  • looking for a loving gift to last a lifetime.
  • a collector of Australian art and craft.
  • a connoisseur wanting to enjoy a cup of fine tea.

As soon as your payment is received your Teapot will be dispatched by post. Postage, packing and handling is included. You pay only the price shown. Please allow about 5 working days for delivery in Australia. A secure delivery address for the parcel is responsibility of buyer.

For your information. The size and weight of the package varies depending on the teapot, but allow for approx. 30 cm x 30 cm x 28 cm, and an upper limit of approx. 2.5 kgs.

Policy: Upon receipt of payment, a pot will be immediately sent to the address you give. It is assumed there will be normal delivery. No liability is accepted for any extras due to failed delivery. Product satisfaction guaranteed. A new pot will be dispatched to you. For any replacement for any reason, you will have to pay the charges for packing, handling, and postage.

By the artist-craftsman Peter. Australia. Updated 2019.

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