This is the page for Plans.

I have collected a number of old documents related to ceramics and digitised them for anyone who has a use for them.

1. Plans for a 25 cu ft Stoneware, Downdraught, Kiln. Plan by J Coulter.

2. Plans for a Kick Wheel. Plans by B Sahm.

  1. KW_timber_C6781.jpg
  2. KW_metal_C6782wR.jpg
  3. KW_flywheel_E6783w.jpg
  4. KW_transmission_D6795w.jpg
  5. KW_assembly_B6780.jpg

3. Plans for a low cost Kick Wheel.  Plans by LM Smith.

4. Guide to Gas Fired Pottery Kilns by AM Smithson.

5. Fibre Kiln Plan by G Norman.

6. Low cost fibre kiln Plan.

7. Brick layout 10 cu ft Kiln by A Peascod.

  1. Brick layout
  2. Arch

Thanks very much to the above authors.

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